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  • Karen Osborne

Unquestioned Priorities in Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to know what direction to go in and what strategies to prioritize. Karen shares her wisdom and breaks down five unquestioned priorities (plus one bonus reminder) that you should have in the coming weeks.

Throughout the video, Karen breaks down the following five unquestioned priorities (plus one bonus reminder):

  1. Take time now to organize (or re-organize) your donor projections and priorities with your table of gifts.

  2. Communicate impact. When was the last time you shared with your donors a message that wasn't just a touch or a thank you, but truly demonstrated the impact their support is making? Now is a great time to do just that!

  3. Identify your major gift donors and prospective donors and create personalized, meaningful strategies for engaging and stewarding them.

  4. Identify your mid-level donors, particularly those that have the ability to give more if your organization were able to become a higher philanthropic priority.

  5. Determine how to best engage and deploy your board during these challenging times.

Bonus Reminder: Take care of yourself! In challenging times we need to make sure that we are addressing our own needs so we can continue to work hard for our organizations and institutions.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more tools and resources from The Osborne Group and if there is any way that we can be of help, please contact us.

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