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The Osborne Group has created a wealth of tools, templates, webinars, videos and podcasts to guide you through every aspect of the fund development process from donor relationships to program management.  Check here regularly for new and updated resources.

Featured Topic:  Philanthropy in Uncertain Times

We are in the midst of an unprecedented situation and the only thing that we can be certain of is that the not-for-profit sector is needed more than ever.  You're working hard for your organization's mission and vision, so we've pulled together a few resources to help you adjust your strategies and keep moving forward regardless of what might come next.  Continue to check this page and our blog for more advice and resources.

Unquestioned Priorities in Uncertain Times:  In this 10-minute video, Karen Osborne shares her wisdom and breaks down five unquestioned priorities (plus one bonus reminder) that you should focus on in the coming weeks.

Strategic Questions in Times of Crisis:  We have updated one of our most popular resources with questions that may be particularly relevant for your donor conversations during these challenging times.  Scroll down for the complete Strategic Questions resource below.

Your Donor Priority Plan Webinar:  In this webinar, Laurel and Bob walk you through prioritizing and planning for effective donor engagement stewardship with those donors that will be the most crucial in ensuring your success and stability in the coming months.

A copy of the webinar slides is available here as well.

Table of Gifts Template:  Your most powerful management tool to ensure that you have a solid understanding of how to meet your revenue goals and have the ability to adjust your projections and strategies when necessary.

21 Remote, Virtual, and Digital Engagement Opportunities:  Once you've prioritized which donors to engage with your table of gifts, you got to figure out how to engage them effectively.  Having a suite of engagement opportunities can make your donor planning for efficient and effective, so we've provided a list to get you started.  See below for a broader list to help with your future donor planning. 

Looking for more support to secure and stabilize your development program in these uncertain times?

More Tools from The Osborne Group

Check out a few more of our most popular tools and resources.  We'll be sharing more great tools in the future, so come back often to check for updates.  And, if there is a particular resource that you're looking for contact us.

Strategic Questions:  To develop authentic relationships with our donors, we must better understand our donors and get them talking about why our case for support is so compelling.  Asking strategic questions helps us do that, and in this resource we arm you with all the questions you need to have powerful conversations.

Suite of Engagement Opportunities:  Research tells us that the more engaged someone is, the more they give.  So we must find meaningful ways to engage our donors and prospects.  Use this list to help you get started building your own suite of engagement opportunities.

Board Engagement Plan & Script:  As we discussed above, building an engaged board is critical.  Here's one more helpful tool to make sure that you're having the right conversations to engage and solicit your board members that bring them closer to the organization and provide a great example of how excellent donor engagement works!

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