Over the years, we have created a wealth of tools, templates, webinars, videos and podcasts to guide you through every aspect of the fund development process from donor relationships to program management.  Check here quarterly for "how to" guidance and tools.  

Featured Topic:  Year-End Guide to Success

Nearly a quarter of all giving is made between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That means a lot of opportunities for your development shop, but also room for missteps and burnout.  Your time and energy are precious resources, so make sure you're using them wisely.  We've provided a few tools and resources to help you do just that.

Karen Osborne, Senior Strategist, shares some advice and best practices in these two videos for deploying the most impactful end-of-year strategies, while making sure you take care of yourself.  And, check out her blog post for even more great advice!

More Year-End Resources

Stewardship Event Goals:  The holidays are a great time to celebrate and recognize our donors.  Make sure your end-of-year stewardship events are as impactful as possible with this resource to help set and achieve the goals you're looking for.

Visit Prep ResourceIn her video, Karen lays out a way to prioritize your year-end visits.  Make sure to review our five-step visit prep process to ensure that these visits don't just happen, but are as effective as possible to achieve donor goals and build strong relationships.

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