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Featured Topic:  Board Building for a Dynamic 2020

Board members are crucial factors in achieving your organization's vision.  An engaged and inspired board ensures your organization has the strategic leaders, enthusiastic ambassadors, and thoughtful stewards you need to be successful.  Below are a few resources to help you get started on developing a stronger board in 2020.

Board Building Recommended Criteria:  A critical first step of building your board is making sure that you have the right people on the board.  And, to determine that, we must first know the characteristics and criteria that make a great board member.  You can use our recommendedations to build your own set of board member criteria.

High-Performing Board AssessmentNow that we've established our board member criteria we can start to assess our board.  Use this tool to assess where your board is and where you could improve this year.  If you are interested in a sample individual board member assessment, contact The Osborne Group.

Sample Board Development Goals:  To truly move the needle around board development, you need a plan.  Get started with this simple tool to identify your goals and action items to make progress with your board this year.

Board Retreat Planning Tool:  Retreats can be powerful tools in engaging your board.  Use this helpful planning tool to make sure you're getting the most out of your retreats.

And, for even more advice in making your retreat impactful, check out this webinar with Laurel.

Looking for more support in taking your board to the next level?

The Osborne Group specializes in board building, development, and training.

More Tools from The Osborne Group

Check out a few more of our most popular tools and resources.  We'll be sharing more great tools in the future, so come back often to check for updates.  And, if there is a particular resource that you're looking for contact us.

Strategic Questions:  To develop authentic relationships with our donors, we must better understand our donors and get them talking about why our case for support is so compelling.  Asking strategic questions helps us do that, and in this resource we arm you with all the questions you need to have powerful conversations.

Suite of Engagement Opportunities:  Research tells us that the more engaged someone is, the more they give.  So we must find meaningful ways to engage our donors and prospects.  Use this list to help you get started building your own suite of engagement opportunities.

Board Engagement Plan & Script:  As we discussed above, building an engaged board is critical.  Here's one more helpful tool to make sure that you're having the right conversations to engage and solicit your board members that bring them closer to the organization and provide a great example of how excellent donor engagement works!

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