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The Osborne Group helps you grow and thrive through providing analysis, making concrete strategy recommendations, helping you successfully execute strategy, and measuring results.

Capital & Major Gift Campaigns


Successful capital and major gift campaigns require closing the highest possible gift consistently.  TOG understands the drivers of campaign success and the pitfalls associated with this scale of fundraising.  TOG has decades of experience working with organizations raising as much as $500M and as little as $1M.  We are your partners, assisting with assessment, planning, and strategy execution including working with you to craft successful strategies for individual prospective donors.  Our clients in this area have one thing in common: they have successful campaigns.

Development & Fundraising Plans


We provide metric based plans for organizations of all sizes and for all occasions. Our past work in this area has included assisting organizations to scale their fundraising by an order of magnitude, annual fund plans, plans for fundraising nationally and internationally across a network, planning for mergers, and many other areas. As with all our work, we take an empirical approach, grounding our plans in clear metrics and benchmarks so that the effectiveness of the plan is easy to measure and see.

Fundraising Audits


Your organization has ambitions and fundraising is the fuel for those ambitions.  We will examine your fundraising operations and make specific recommendations for capitalizing on assets and ameliorating challenges.  Our audits can be used to address specific challenges such as increasing fundraising or they can be conducted simply as a means to review the efficiency and effectiveness of the current operation.  We apply decades of experience in this area, as well as the latest research, to the audit process, making specific recommendations that will allow you to capitalize on your unique assets.

Strategic Communications


Having a clear and well-articulated mission as well as a case for support that includes a clear vision is critical to fundraising success. Donors need to understand your values, your unique position in the marketplace, and your vision for a future that doesn’t exist today. We assist you in creating effective and strategic communications that result in engaged donors that have a clear sense of the outcomes associated with giving to your organization.

Training & Training Curriculum


TOG consultants are recognized as some of the best development trainers in the world. TOG is available to train both staff and board in various aspects of major gift fundraising, as well as training on stewardship, building a culture of philanthropy, volunteer management, and many and other topics. We also provide training directly to organizations for their “in-house” conferences, as well as building and implementing training curriculums designed to increase the overall fundraising and management performance of your organization over a period of time. Our trainings are interactive and designed not only to impart information but to impart ownership and decrease fear.

Board and Volunteer Development


Working with boards to make them more strategically aligned with their organization’s goals and improving board governance structures is core work for us. Whether engaged in a large-scale major gift campaign or beginning a fledgling fundraising operation, each of our clients come to us with the desire to do more.  This desire almost always begins with having a strong board.  We will help you to approach board development from a relationship perspective, as opposed to an executive search prospective, resulting in engaged, effective and strategically composed boards.

​Strategic Planning


Having a strong strategic plan to execute your programmatic and organizational goals is an important part of any organization’s success. We are available to design and/or facilitate a process that will ensure everyone in your organization, as well as stakeholders, are working towards a common vision. We bring our fundraising expertise to our strategic planning work, ensuring that your revenue engine is strong enough to support your strategic goals.

Feasibility Studies


A critical component to any major gift campaign is testing how well your campaign priorities are resonating with potential donors. The most comprehensive way to do this is to conduct a feasibility study.  Other consulting firms test potential donors’ general feelings about the organization. This tells you little about their willingness to support the organization’s current priorities and plan, nor about whether and how they are inspired by your vision for the future. We believe in exposing potential donors to an outward-facing vision first, getting buy-in to your specific campaign priorities, and then conducting a feasibility study.  Through this method you will learn your donors’ specific willingness to give to the priorities that they will eventually be asked to support.

Executive Coaching


Our consultants have a wide array of experience as managers, board members, and fundraisers. We understand the challenges you face and we are available to provide coaching to you to help you be the best manager and fundraiser possible.

Opinion Research


Effectively responding to your constituents' needs requires knowing what they think. The Osborne Group has successfully provided opinion research services to a broad array of clients utilizing a number of tools including personal interviews, market surveys and focus groups. In all instances we use proven techniques to gain useful insights that enable our clients to make informed decisions every time.

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