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Capacity Building

The one thing our clients all have in common is a desire to do more.  To grow, to serve more clients, to make the world a better place.  We strongly believe in “working our way out of a job”.  It is our true intention to capacity build.  Through our consulting work and training, we try to assist in building capacity to the point where our clients need only periodic consultations with us.  With each client, no matter the assignment, our plans and strategy are created with capacity building in mind.  Our training background allows us to deliver on this promise.


TOG consultants are recognized as some of the best development trainers in the world.  We are and have been regular speakers at the biggest development conferences in the world including AFP International (USA), International Fundraising Congress (Europe), AFP Congress (Canada), as well as many regional conferences for AFP and AHP.  We also provide training directly to large affiliate organizations for their in-house conferences including JDRF, Easter Seals, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girls Inc., and many others.

International Work

The Osborne Group serves a global constituency and has conducted its work all over the world.  Whether we are working with a global organization, serving as counsel to a major gift campaign that is global in scope, or working with a small NGO in Europe, Africa, or Asia, The Osborne Group adapts recognized best practice to the culture and circumstances of the country or region we are working in.

Affiliate and Networked Organizations

The Osborne Group has deep experience working with organizations that have an affiliate structure or numerous locations throughout the United States, Europe and internationally.  We specialize in assisting these organizations to achieve their strategic objectives across the network, whether that is supporting affiliates or conducting a national or global fundraising campaign.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The strongest nonprofits have diverse boards and donor bases, as well as inclusive cultures. Too often, diversity and inclusion work is divorced from philanthropy.  We believe strongly that one does not need to be sacrificed for the other.   As a minority owned firm with a world-class reputation in fundraising and nonprofit management whose consultants are all people of color, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients build diverse donor bases and boards that provided a strong return on investment, as well as to help you design an antiracist fundraising program.

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