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  • Robert Osborne, Jr.

Welcome to our New Site!

Welcome to our new site! It's been a long time since we've had a site refresh and we're so happy to finally have our new website live. We have added some new features that we think you will find useful. First, we have created a more focused Tools and Resources section. Every quarter we will provide in-depth advice and instruction on a nonprofit related topic through video, blog posts and access to tools, templates and outlines. We hope you find it useful and will check back with us regularly for new insights.

We are also excited to refresh our blog. Now located right here on our main site, you can find additional insights and tips, as well as our thoughts on current trends and important topics in philanthropy. We'll be updating the blog regularly.

While our website is new, our commitment to partnering with you to help you achieve your dreams is not. Please contact us at if you would like more information about our services.

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