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Achieve your vision and big ideas through

Joyful Philanthropy & Transformational Management


Global Consulting for Nonprofits


For 25 years The Osborne Group has been serving nonprofits and helping them make the world a better place.  As a small, boutique consulting firm with a global reputation, we place an emphasis on providing strong customer service and innovative, personalized and effective solutions to our clients.


The Osborne Group helps you to grow and thrive by providing analysis, making concrete strategy recommendations, and helping you successfully execute strategy. We are experts at capacity building and scaling and we take an empirical approach to our work, incorporating the latest research from the field.  Whether your nonprofit is entering into a $100M+ campaign or you are a small community organization trying to reach sustainability, we will assist you in crafting a strategy that results in success.


The Osborne Group provides your nonprofit with a suite of comprehensive services that lets you realize your vision for making the world a better place.  We provide core strategy through campaign, development and strategic plans.  We capacity build and empower through training.  And we evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy through assessments and opinion research.

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